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Clients and Projects

Private sector projects۬

• Hope Pico high-rise mixed-use project Los Angeles
• 743 S. Hartford high-density residential Los Angeles
• NWC of 50th West & Avenue L-8 Town Center Quartz Hill
• 1619-1649 West Temple Street retail Los Angeles
• Wilshire House luxury high-rise condominiums Los Angeles
• 610-618 Levering Avenue Westwood
• 441 South Barrington Luxury condominiums Brentwood
• 1414 East Newton Avenue office building Los Angeles
• 1636 South Beverly Glen luxury condominiums Los Angeles
• 14531 Vose Street condominium Van Nuys
• Public Storage, Cedar City Union (Design-build) Denver, CO
• Farmers Market Parking Structure Los Angeles
• Coca Cola Production Project (Design-build) Downey
• One-Stop Storage Project Victorville
• Multi-Purpose Building Project San Dimas
• Coca Cola Warehouse Project (Design-build) Downey
• Richie’s Auctioneers Project Los Angeles
• McCurdy Circuit Project (Design-build) Anaheim
• Goodyear Distribution Center Riverside
• Public Storage, Verdugo Ave. Glendale
• Public Storage, San Leandro Ave. Mountain View
• Public Storage, Watson Court Milpitas
• Public Storage, Blimp St. Los Angeles, A
• Public Storage, Sherman Way (Design-build) N. Hollywood
• Public Storage, W. Lawn Ave. Marina del Ray
• Public Storage, Lanark St. Van Nuys
• Public Storage, Shirley Ave. (Design-build) Northridge
• Owens Corning Project (Design-build) Compton
• May park Plaza Shopping Center Maywood/Huntington Park
• Civic Center Plaza Shopping Center Huntington Park
• Midway Plaza Shopping Center (Design-build) Los Angeles
• 1429-1431 S. Los Angeles St.. Los Angeles
• 1437-1439 S. Los Angeles St. Los Angeles
• Winnetka Plaza Shopping Center Winnetka
• Kaiser Permanente Medical Facility Los Angeles
• Paul Mellon Center New York, NY

Public works projects

• Cal State Long Beach, McIntosh Humanities Building Long Beach
• County of Los Angeles, Kenneth Hahn HQ Building Los Angeles
• Inglewood Unified School District (multiple projects) Inglewood
• City of El Segundo, El Segundo Police Department El Segundo
• U.S. Post Office, Winnetka Station Project Reseda
• City of Glendale, Crescenta Valley Library Glendale
• Cal State Fullerton (main library project) Fullerton
• Compton Redevelopment Agency, Alameda Auto Plaza Compton
• City of Beverly Hills, Beverly Garden/Arbor Project Beverly Hills
• UCLA, Jules Stein Eye Institute (major renovation project) Westwood
• UCLA, Jules Stein Eye Institute (south laboratory) Westwood
• UCLA, Hayden St. Warehouse Project Westwood
• UCLA, Medical Center Outpatient Pharmacy Westwood
• UCLA, Jerry Lewis Neuromuscular Center Laboratory Westwood
• UCLA, Pauley Pavilion (major renovation project) Westwood
• Los Angeles Unified School District (multiple projects) Los Angeles
• Victory Memorial Hospital Project Hollywood
• Interstate 145 (overpass bridges) New York, NY
• Bay Area Rapid Transit (Extension) San Francisco
• UDC’s “Operation Breakthrough” New York, NY

Feasibilty study projects

• Pico, Flower, Hopemeron city block Los Angeles
• 1328 S. Flower Street Los Angeles
• 737 S. Flower Street Los Angeles
• 719 S. Flower Street Los Angeles
• 9555 S. Las Vegas Blvd. at Gary Ave Las Vegas, NV
• 9934 S. Las Vegas Blvd. at Lebaron Ave. Las Vegas, NV
•  3053 S. Las Vegas Blvd. at Convention Center. Las Vegas, NV
• 1344 S. Flower Street Los Angeles
• 12310 Penn Street at Whittier Blvd. Los Angeles
• 7800 Giles Ave. at Moberly Las Vegas, NV

Partial list of corporate clients & public agencies:

• Hope Pico Co., LLC
• Phoenix Saghi Properties One
• 1100 Edgewater, Inc.
• 269 S. Western LLC
• Wilshire House Partnership
• Starrett Corporation *
• Saviss & Partners
• Majic Inc.
• Dadbin & Partners
• Dardashti & Partners
• Jade Enterprises
• Pacific Ocean Management LLC
• I. Norman Properties
• Public Storage Inc. (9 projects)
• University of California, Los Angeles (6 projects)
• California State University (2 projects)
• Coca Cola Bottling Company (3 projects)
• Los Angeles Unified School District (3 projects)
• McCurdy Circuit
• Owens Corning
• Goodyear Rubber & Tire Co.
• County of Los Angeles (2 projects)
• El Segundo Police Department
• United States Post Office
• City of Glendale
• Compton Redevelopment Agency
• City of Beverly Hills (2 projects)
• Crown Development Corporation (2 projects)
• Kaiser Permanente Medical Facility (2 projects)
• Victory Memorial Hospital
• Paul Mellon Center

*Starrett Corporation (New York) is the builder of the Empire State Building, and developer/builder of the Zomorod Project. Design & Construction Management Services on this 6000 unit High-Rise Condominium project was preformed by ABCO International Construction Company, a construction management firm founded by Fred Behfarin.

NOTE: ABCO has developed and constructed its own projects, as well as for its corporate clients.



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