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Consulting Service

ABCO Development Corporation, with 31 years of experience in all aspects of real estate development and construction, provides valuable consulting services to its clients.

In our desire to advocate the best  interests of our clients we have, over the years, established a sound, professional and cordial relationship with State, County & City Officials, who have great control over the approval and implementation of major projects.

Site Selection and Due Diligence:

With our vast and diverse experience, we assist our clients in acquiring well-located properties with great upside potential. Further, our experience enables our clients to develop geographic market forecasts that identify those property types and markets that offer the most potential for growth, and put together a well diversified portfolio to avoid risk. It is our fiduciary duty to use this knowledge as a powerful tool to perform complete due diligence, for the benefit of our clients. 

Highest and Best Use:

A careful study of Highest and Best Use of a property will result in the maximum market value. A dream project in mind may not be legally allowable or even physically possible. At ABCO, we bring dream projects closer to reality by using creative techniques, and utilizing the most modernized computer programs. In this process, we use density, feasibility, and profitability analysis to ensure highest and best use of the property, and 100% success for the project.


Profit in any project is made at the inception of development and during the entitlement process. Therefore, we utilize our 31 years of experience to achieve the best entitlement for our valued clients.

In the entitlement process, the concept of time value of money is the greatest factor. Entitlement has many layers and, to be successful, it requires experience, skilled management, and good relationships with city officials. Our advocacy of our client’s interest is relentless; in order to meet and exceed the client’s anticipated profit in any project. 




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