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∙ Provide “independent” Construction Cost Estimates at the Phase I Scope and Strategy, Schematic Phase, Design Development Phase, and the Working Drawings Phase.

∙ Coordinate Estimate Format with Architect to facilitate reconciliation of the estimates. Estimate formatting shall be in conformance with the owner’s requirements.


∙ Provide Preliminary Schedule at Phase 1 Scope and Strategy and also at Phase II Schematic and Design Development.

∙ Develop detailed Schedule during Working Drawings and Bidding Stage.

Constructability Review:

∙ Review documents for ease and economy of construction and suggest alternate materials, processes and details.

Construction Impact Assessment/Mitigation:

∙ Review documents and assess potential impacts associated with each project.

   ∙ Identify and recommend alternative contract scheduling measures (i.e., phasing and sequencing of the Work) to mitigate construction impacts.

Value Enhancement:

∙ In Conjunction with Estimating and Constructability Reviews, determine items of the work which could be improved without added cost, or if necessary, determine items of work wherein cost savings could be realized without significant change in quality or function.


∙ Develop bid packaging strategy to ensure that bidding is competitive in the current market.

∙ Prepare advertisements, instructions to bidders including alternates to ensure the budget is not exceeded.

∙ Manage the bidding process issue, receive and open trade contractor bids, update estimates and make adjustments as necessary. Verify that bids are conforming and identify apparent low bidder.

∙ Recommend acceptance and award of Trade Contract to the owne



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